2005 GP2 Season
Nico Rosberg, the inaugural GP2 Series Champion
Season Information
No. Rounds 23
First Round Imola
Last Round Bahrain
Maker Dallara-Renault
Tyre(s) Michelin
Driver's Championship
Champion Flag of Germany Nico Rosberg 120 Pt(s)
5 Win(s), 4 Pole(s) 5 Fastest Lap(s)
Second Flag of Finland Heikki Kovalainen 105 Pt(s)
5 Win(s), 2 Pole(s) 1 Fastest Lap(s)
Third Flag of the United States Scott Speed 67.5 Pt(s)
0 Win(s), 1 Pole(s), 5 Fastest Lap(s)
Team's Championship
Champion Flag of France ART Grand Prix 187 Pt(s)
7 Win(s), 5 Pole(s) 6 Fastest Lap(s)
Second Flag of the United Kingdom Arden International 126 Pt(s)
5 Win(s), 3 Pole(s) 1 Fastest Lap(s)
Third Flag of the United Kingdom Super Nova Racing 102 Pt(s)
3 Win(s), 1 Pole(s) 1 Fastest Lap(s)
Season Guide
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None 2006

The 2005 GP2 Series was the inaugural season of the FIA GP2 Series, which was designed to become the second tier of single-seater racing under Formula One. To reduce costs, GP2's first season would see teams use a standardised engine, chassis, gearbox and tyres, hoping avoid the fate of its predecessor, the Formula 3000 Championship.[1]

The inaugural GP2 Series would begin with a wave of mechanical issues with the new Dallara GP2/05 and its Mecachrome engine.[1] Regardless, Heikki Kovalainen would become the first GP2 Series winner by winning the Feature Race at Imola, before Adam Carroll claimed victory in the Sprint Race.[1]

Kovalainen would go on to become one of the major title contenders, with the Finn claiming additional victories in Magny Cours, Istanbul and Monza.[1] Carroll, meanwhile, would become the first driver to win a second race in the series by winning the Monaco Feature Race, while Gianmaria Bruni and José María López also claimed early victories.[1]

However, as the season progressed a new driver with an old name would rise to the top and, ultimately, become the 2005 GP2 Series Champion.[1] Indeed, five victories in the second half of the season would see Nico Rosberg jump to the head of the table, with a double victory at Bahrain at the end of the season securing his crown.[1]

Elsewhere, Rosberg's team ART Grand Prix would claim the honours in the Teams' Championship, with Arden International and Super Nova Racing completing the top three.[1] Otherwise it was a very competitive opening season for the GP2 Series, with ten drivers from nine different teams claiming victory.[1]



The full calendar for the 2005 FIA GP2 Series Championship is shown below:

2005 GP2 Series Championship Calendar
Round Event Type Circuit Date Report
1 Flag of San Marino 2005 San Marino Grand Prix F Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari 23 April 2005 Report
S 24 April 2005 Report
2 Flag of Spain 2005 Spanish Grand Prix F Circuit de Catalunya 7 May 2005 Report
S 8 May 2005 Report
3 Flag of Monaco 2005 Monaco Grand Prix F Circuit de Monaco 21 May 2005 Report
4 Flag of Europe 2005 European Grand Prix F Nürburgring 28 May 2005 Report
S 29 May 2005 Report
5 Flag of France 2005 French Grand Prix F Magny Cours 2 July 2005 Report
S 3 July 2005 Report
6 Flag of the United Kingdom 2005 British Grand Prix F Silverstone 9 July 2005 Report
S 10 July 2005 Report
7 Flag of Germany 2005 German Grand Prix F Hockenheimring 23 July 2005 Report
S 24 July 2005 Report
8 Flag of Hungary 2005 Hungarian Grand Prix F Hungaroring 30 July 2005 Report
S 31 July 2005 Report
9 Flag of Turkey 2005 Turkish Grand Prix F Istanbul Racing Circuit 20 August 2005 Report
S 21 August 2005 Report
10 Flag of Italy 2005 Italian Grand Prix F Autodromo Nazionale Monza 3 September 2005 Report
S 4 September 2005 Report
11 Flag of Belgium 2005 Belgian Grand Prix F Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 10 September 2005 Report
S 11 September 2005 Report
12 Flag of Bahrain 2005 GP2 Series Finale F Bahrain International Circuit 29 September 2005 Report
S 30 September 2005 Report
2005 FIA GP2 Series Tests
I Flag of France 2005 Pre-season Test T Circuit Paul Ricard 6 April 2005 Report
II Flag of France 2005 Paul Ricard Test T Circuit Paul Ricard June 2005 Report




Season Report


The full 2005 FIA GP2 Series entry list is outlined below:

2005 FIA GP2 Series Championship Entry List
Entrant No. Name Rounds
Flag of the United Kingdom iSport International
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
1 Flag of the United States Scott Speed All
2 Flag of Turkey Can Artam All
Flag of the United Kingdom Hitech/Piquet Racing
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
3 Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet, Jr. All
4 Flag of Brazil Alexandre Negrão All
Flag of Spain BCN Competicion
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
5 Flag of Venezuela Ernesto Viso All
6 Flag of Japan Hiroki Yoshimoto All
Flag of the United Kingdom Super Nova Racing
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
7 Flag of Italy Giorgio Pantano All
8 Flag of the United Kingdom Adam Carroll All
Flag of France ART Grand Prix 
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
9 Flag of Germany Nico Rosberg All
10 Flag of France Alexandre Prémat All
Flag of the United Kingdom David Price Racing 
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
11 Flag of France Olivier Pla All
12 Flag of the United Kingdom Ryan Sharp 1-7
Flag of Switzerland Giorgio Mondini 8-12
Flag of France DAMS
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
14 Flag of Argentina José María López All
15 Flag of Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy All
Flag of Italy Coloni Motorsport
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
16 Flag of Austria Mathias Lauda All
17 Flag of Italy Gianmaria Bruni* 1-9, 11-12
Flag of Finland Toni Vilander 10-11
Flag of Spain Racing Engineering
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
18 Flag of Switzerland Neel Jani All
19 Flag of Spain Borja García All
Flag of Spain Campos Racing
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
20 Flag of Argentina Juan Cruz Álvarez All
21 Flag of Spain Sergio Hernández All
Flag of the United Kingdom Arden International
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
22 Flag of Finland Heikki Kovalainen All
23 Flag of France Nicolas Lapierre All
Flag of Italy Durango 
Dallara-Renault GP2/05
24 Flag of Monaco Clivio Piccione All
25 Flag of Italy Ferdinando Monfardini 1-10, 12


2005 GP2 Series Championship for Drivers

The full Championship standings from the 2005 FIA GP2 Series Championship for Drivers is outlined below:

2005 FIA GP2 Series Championship for Drivers
Pos. Name Flag of San Marino Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Europe Flag of France Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Turkey Flag of Italy Flag of Belgium Flag of Bahrain Pts.
1st Rosberg 8th Ret 9th 4th 3rd 3rd 4th 7th 1st 1st 4th 1st 4th 5th 2nd 17th 3rd 2nd 2nd 3rd 5th 1st 1st 120
2nd Kovalainen 1st 3rd 3rd Ret 5th 1st Ret 1st 3rd 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 2nd 5th 10th 1st 1st 5th 15th 9th 3rd Ret 105
3rd Speed 3rd Ret 2nd 3rd 4th 16th 12th 15th 18th 4th 2nd 4th 3rd Ret 19th 5th 4th Ret 15th 4th 4th Ret 19th 67.5
4th Prémat 7th 2nd 10th Ret Ret 4th Ret 9th Ret 3rd 5th 2nd 9th 4th 1st 1st 14th Ret 18th Ret 12th 2nd 3rd 67
5th Carroll 5th 1st 7th 6th 1st Ret 2nd 4th 6th 21st 8th Ret 11th 9th 9th 7th 2nd 5th 6th 8th 1st 9th 8th 53
6th Pantano 13th Ret 13th 14th Ret 2nd 7th 10th 7th 12th 7th 6th 2nd 3rd 3rd 2nd 8th 6th 3rd NC 11th 5th 5th 49
7th Jani 6th 15th 4th 5th Ret 6th 13th 5th 4th 5th 6th Ret 22nd 1st 4th Ret Ret 7th 1st 16th 18th 16th 13th 48
8th Piquet Jr. 14th 6th 5th 2nd 11th 5th 3rd Ret DSQ Ret Ret 3rd 8th 15th 10th 4th 6th 3rd Ret 1st 14th Ret 15th 46
9th López 2nd 11th 6th 1st Ret 13th 14th 2nd Ret 9th Ret 13th 10th Ret Ret 6th 7th Ret Ret 10th 8th 4th 4th 36
10th Bruni 4th 4th 1st Ret 2nd 8th Ret 18th 11th 7th 11th NC 14th 10th 8th Ret 9th Ret 16th Ret 14th 35
11th Viso 10th DNS Ret Ret DSQ Ret 11th 11th 8th 15th 13th DSQ 12th 6th Ret 14th 12th Ret Ret 2nd 3rd 8th 2nd 21
12th Lapierre DNS Ret 11th 9th Ret 12th Ret 3rd 5th 10th Ret 9th 7th 12th 6th Ret 13th 4th Ret Ret 23rd 6th 20th 21
13th Pla 9th 5th Ret Ret 9th Ret 8th Ret 9th 8th 1st 8th 1st 7th Ret 9th 17th Ret Ret 11th 10th Ret DNS 20
14th García Ret 10th Ret 10th 10th Ret DSQ Ret 12th 17th 9th 7th 5th 11th Ret 3rd 5th Ret 10th 6th 2nd 19th 17th 17.5
15th Piccione 15th Ret Ret 8th Ret 7th 1st 8th DSQ 6th Ret Ret 17th Ret 16th Ret 11th 11th 14th 12th 19th 13th 7th 14
16th Yoshimoto Ret 9th Ret 17th DNS 11th Ret 6th 2nd 13th Ret 12th Ret 13th 17th 8th 10th 10th 16th Ret 17th 7th 6th 14
17th Monfardini Ret DNS Ret 11th DNS Ret 6th 12th 17th 14th 10th Ret 15th Ret 11th Ret Ret 8th 4th Ret 11th 5
18th Álvarez Ret 7th Ret 12th Ret 18th 15th Ret NC 11th Ret 10th NC Ret 7th 15th Ret 12th 17th 5th 6th 10th 12th 4.5
19th Negrão Ret 13th 8th 15th 12th Ret Ret Ret 13th 19th 16th Ret 18th 8th 15th 12th 19th Ret 13th 7th 7th 12th 9th 4
20th Hernández 11th 8th Ret 18th 8th 15th 5th 13th 14th 16th 12th Ret 19th Ret 18th Ret 20th Ret 7th Ret 20th 15th 18th 3
21st Lauda 12th Ret Ret 13th 6th 10th Ret 16th 15th 20th 15th 14th 21st Ret 14th 16th 18th 13th 12th 9th 24th 14th 21st 3
22nd Artam 16th Ret Ret Ret 7th 17th Ret 17th 16th 18th 14th Ret 20th 14th 12th 11th 16th 9th 9th Ret 22nd 17th 16th 2
23rd Sharp Ret 14th Ret 16th Ret 9th 9th 19th Ret Ret NC 11th 13th 2
NC Fauzy 17th 12th 12th 7th Ret 14th 10th 14th 10th Ret Ret Ret 16th Ret 13th Ret 15th 14th 11th 13th 15th 11th 10th 0
NC Vilander 15th 8th 14th 13th 0
NC Mondini Ret Ret 13th Ret Ret Ret Ret 21st 18th 22nd 0

2005 GP2 Series Championship for Teams


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