2019 Formula Two Season
The Dallara F2 2018 car will make have a second season of racing in 2019.
Season Information
No. Rounds TBA
First Round 2019 Bahrain Feature Race
Last Round 2019 Yas Marina Sprint Race
Maker Dallara-Mecachrome
Tyre(s) Pirelli
Driver's Championship
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Win(s), Pole(s) Fastest Lap(s)
Second Pt(s)
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Third Pt(s)
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Team's Championship
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The 2019 FIA Formula Two Championship, otherwise known as the 2019 Formula Two Season, is set to be the third edition of the FIA Formula Two Championship, and the fifteenth using the "GP2 Series" format.[1] The season, which will be staged in support of the Formula One World Championship, is set to see several new drivers make their debuts after three drivers from the 2018 season were promoted to F1.[2]

Under FIA F2 rules 2018 Champion George Russell was unable to defend his crown, although the Brit had already secured a drive in F1 with the Williams F1 team prior to the end of the 2018 campaign.[2] He would be joined in the top single-seater category by F2 2018 runner-up Lando Norris, racing for McLaren, and Alexander Albon, whom finished in third place in 2018 prior to agreeing a deal to race with Toro Rosso-Honda.[3][4] Their mutual departures hence opened up several seats in F2 for the 2019 campaign.

In terms of the Teams Championship it was Carlin who would start the season as defending Champions, who duly signed Honda backed youngster Nobuharu Matsushita to replace the aforementioned Norris.[5] Another change came with the sale of Russian Time to another entrant, speculated to be HWA, a racing business with long-standing connections to Mercedes-Benz.[6]



In contrast to previous season of the Formula Two Championship and the GP2 Series, the 2019 calendar would see little change from the 2018 tour.[1] Indeed, the same twelve rounds, hosting 24 races, were scheduled for 2019, even appearing in the same order as they had the previous season.[1] The only significant change came in the dates, with more spacing between the Le Castellet and Silverstone races.[1]

The full 2019 FIA Formula 2 Championship calendar is outlined below:

2019 FIA Formula 2 Championship Calendar
Round Event Type Circuit Date Report
1 Flag of Bahrain 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix F Bahrain International Circuit 30 March 2019 Report
S 31 March 2019 Report
2 Flag of Azerbaijan 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix F Baku City Circuit 27 April 2019 Report
S 28 April 2019 Report
3 Flag of Spain 2019 Spanish Grand Prix F Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya 11 May 2019 Report
S 12 May 2019 Report
4 Flag of Monaco 2019 Monaco Grand Prix F Circuit de Monaco 24 May 2019 Report
S 25 May 2019 Report
5 Flag of France 2019 French Grand Prix F Le Castellet 22 June 2019 Report
S 23 June 2019 Report
6 Flag of Austria 2019 Austrian Grand Prix F Red Bull Ring 29 June 2019 Report
S 30 June 2019 Report
7 Flag of the United Kingdom 2019 British Grand Prix F Silverstone 13 July 2019 Report
S 14 July 2019 Report
8 Flag of Hungary 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix F Hungaroring 3 August 2019 Report
S 4 August 2019 Report
9 Flag of Belgium 2019 Belgian Grand Prix F Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 31 August 2019 Report
S 1 September 2019 Report
10 Flag of Italy 2019 Italian Grand Prix F Autodromo Nazionale Monza 7 September 2019 Report
S 8 September 2019 Report
11 Flag of Russia 2019 Russian Grand Prix F Sochi Autodrom 28 September 2019 Report
S 29 September 2019 Report
12 Flag of the United Arab Emirates 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F Yas Marina Circuit 30 November 2019 Report
S 1 December 2019 Report
2019 FIA Formula Two Championship Tests
I Flag of Spain 2019 Pre-Season Test 1 T Circuito de Jerez 26 - 28 February 2019[7] Report
II Flag of Spain 2019 Pre-Season Test 2 T Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya 5 -7 March 2019[7] Report
III Flag of the United Arab Emirates 2019 Yas Marina Test T Yas Marina Circuit December 2019 Report




Season Report


The full 2019 FIA Formula Two Championship entry list is outlined below:

2019 FIA Formula Two Championship Entry List
Entrant No. Name Rounds
Flag of the United Kingdom Carlin[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
1 Flag of Switzerland Louis Delétraz[9] 1-
2 Flag of Japan Nobuharu Matsushita[5] 1-
Flag of France ART Grand Prix[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
3 Flag of Russia Nikita Mazepin[10] 1-
4 Flag of the Netherlands Nyck de Vries[11] 1-
Flag of France DAMS[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
5 Flag of Brazil Sérgio Sette Câmara[12] 1-
6 Flag of Canada.svg Nicholas Latifi[13] 1-
Flag of the United Kingdom UNI-Virtuosi[6][14]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
7 Flag of China Guanyu Zhou[15] 1-
8 Flag of Italy Luca Ghiotto[16] 1-
Flag of Italy Pertamina Prema Theodore Racing[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
9 Flag of Germany Mick Schumacher[17] 1-
10 Flag of Indonesia Sean Gelael[18] 1-
Flag of the Czech Republic Sauber Junior Team[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
11 Flag of the United Kingdom Callum Ilott[19] 1-
12 Flag of the United States Juan Manuel Correa[19] 1-
Flag of Spain Campos Racing[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
14 Flag of France Dorian Boccolacci[20] 1-
15 Flag of the United Kingdom Jack Aitken[21] 1-
Flag of the Netherlands MP Motorsport[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
16 Flag of the United Kingdom Jordan King[22] 1-3, 5-
Flag of Russia Artem Markelov[23] 4
17 Flag of the Netherlands Mahaveer Raghunathan[22]
Flag of the United Kingdom BWT Arden[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
18 Flag of Colombia Tatiana Caldéron[24]
19 Flag of France Anthoine Hubert[25]
Flag of Italy Trident[8]
Dallara-Mecachrome F2 2018
20 Flag of France Giuliano Alesi[26]
21 Flag of Switzerland Ralph Boschung[27]


2019 FIA Formula Two Championship for Drivers

The full standings for the 2019 FIA Formula Two Championship for Drivers is outlined below:

2019 FIA Formula 2 Championship for Drivers
Pos. Name Flag of Bahrain Flag of Azerbaijan Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of France Flag of Austria Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of Hungary Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Russia Flag of the United Arab Emirates Pts.
1st de Vries 6th 7th 2nd 4th 5th 1st 1st 7th 1st 10th 3rd 3rd 6th 3rd 170
2nd Latifi 1st 3rd 4th 1st 1st 6th 12th 10th 5th 6th 9th 6th 2nd 5th 139
3rd Ghiotto 2nd 1st 9th Ret 4th 2nd DSQ Ret Ret 12th 2nd 2nd 1st 15th 122

Câmara 3rd 2nd Ret 6th Ret 17th 3rd 6th 2nd 5th 5th 1st 4th 17th 121

Aitken 7th 11th 1st 3rd 2nd 8th 17th 13th 3rd 4th 10th 18th 5th 1st 113

Zhou 10th 4th Ret 10th 3rd 4th 5th 3rd 4th 3rd 6th 8th 3rd 8th 105

Hubert 4th 9th 10th 11th 6th 5th 8th 1st 8th 1st 4th 17th 18th 11th 77

Matsushita 9th 12th 13th 12th 11th Ret 2nd 9th 9th 9th 1st 5th 9th 7th 65

Delétraz 5th 5th Ret Ret 12th 11th 7th 2nd Ret 7th 7th Ret 7th 2nd 60

King 17th 8th 3rd Ret 7th 7th 6th 11th 8th 7th 10th 9th 41

Correa 16th 18th 7th 2nd Ret 15th 16th 12th 7th 2nd 11th 10th 12th 10th 36

Boccolacci 15th 17th 5th 7th 14th 18th 4th 5th Ret 15th Ret 14th 30

Ilott 14th 16th Ret 9th 8th 3rd Ret 14th Ret 8th 14th 9th 8th 4th 27

Schumacher 8th 6th Ret 5th 15th 12th 13th 11th Ret Ret 18th 4th 11th 6th 26

Markelov 6th 4th 16

Gelael Ret 10th 6th 8th 9th 9th Ret 15th Ret 17th 16th 12th WD WD 11

Mazepin 19th 13th 8th Ret 17th 14th 10th 8th Ret 16th 12th 11th 16th 12th 6

Boschung 11th 14th 12th Ret 10th 10th 9th Ret Ret 15th 3

Alesi 12th DSQ Ret Ret Ret 16th 11th Ret 10th 14th 13th Ret 17th Ret 1

Raghunathan 18th 19th 11th 13th 16th 19th 15th Ret 12th 18th 15th 18th 0

Caldéron 13th 15th Ret Ret 13th 13th 14th Ret 11th 19th 17th 13th 14th 16th 0

Maini DSQ 15th 13th 13th 0

O'Ward 19th 14th 0

Tveter 15th 16th 0

2019 FIA Formula Two Championship for Teams

The full standings for the 2018 FIA Formula Two Championship for Teams is outlined below: Template:Results Grid/2019/team/full


Images and Videos:


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